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Current Mission SummaryEdit

Task Force Andromeda begins its task of gathering the crew necessary to complete its missions.

To view the current mission, please go to the Dragonstar Mission Section.

Andromeda GalaxyEdit

For current information on the Andromeda Galaxy, please visit the main page at Andromeda Galaxy.


Flight Control
Strategic Operations
Diplomatic Detachment
Marine Detachment
Fighter Wing

Task Force AndromedaEdit

The task force is made up of several ships designed to operate independently in case of isolation, as well as the Starbase itself.

Starbase Dragonstar, Immense Class
USS Zeus, Task Force Flagship, Sovereign Class
USS Hera, XO Flagship, Galaxy Class
USS Ares, Prometheus Class Tactical Cruiser
USS Athena, Nebula Class Refit Science Vessel
USS Artemis, Olympic Class Medical Vessel
USS Otrere, Defiant Class Marine Vessel

Archived Mission SummariesEdit

Mission 0 - Task Force Andromeda